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NEW: F490 Loop Powered - Multi Purpose Indicator

NEW: F490 Loop Powered - Multi Purpose Indicator

The F490 is a versatile, loop powered Multi Purpose Indicator which displays the actual process value, range and loop current.​ The input circuit is separated from the backlight circuit. It is designed such that it does not influence the intrinsically safe circuit to which it is connected.

Excellent delivery times

Excellent delivery times

We are happy to inform you that we've managed to improve the delivery time of our products. Despite the unusual Coronavirus-circumstances, we have tuned our production capacity and stocks to maximize our service delivery to you​.


The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is affecting us all. Our thoughts go out to our customers, partners and all companies in the industrial sector in this unprecedented difficult time.

New: F-Series stainless steel 316L enclosure

Fluidwell introduces a new enclosure to its F-Series product range. Both F0- and F1-Series are now available with a durable high-grade stainless steel 316L enclosure. Suitable for usage under the harshest conditions.

New: F-Series extended aluminum enclosure

Based upon various requests from our customers we have developed a new extended aluminum back cover for the F-Series.


Even a truck can stand on it!

So robust

F-Series: Even a truck can stand on it!